Mediterranean Style In Your Home

There’s something about the allure of the Mediterranean, don’t you think? Maybe it’s the gorgeous water and beaches, or maybe the amazing variety of cuisine speaks to you. Whatever it is, you can easily incorporate Mediterranean style into your home. Let’s take a look!

Whitewash Your Walls

Keeping your walls uniformly light throughout your home will give you the classic look of the Mediterranean without a lot of effort. It’s easy to whitewash your walls with a 50/50 combination of paint and water, and you can also extend this same whitewashing onto your ceilings.

Incorporate Mediterranean Style Into Your Kitchen

You can instantly upgrade your kitchen to exude a Mediterranean vibe by using a bright seaside color palette consisting of azure blues, rich yellows, brown terracottas, and deep greens. Think a colorful tiled backsplash, a wallpapered accent wall, or decorative jars filled with olives and oils.

Bring Texture Into Your Home

Mediterranean style is all about simplicity, colors, and natural textures. Great examples include throw pillows and plush rugs, along with natural wood furniture such as a rustic coffee table or a wicker accent chair. Lush houseplants and fresh flowers will help to bring your home to life.

Whether you’re reminiscing about a past vacation or dreaming of one to come, simple changes like these will help bring a relaxing Mediterranean feel into your home.