It’s Self Care Sunday

Yesterday got me thinking…

Like a lot of our clients, I lead a very busy life.

Besides running the business & working with 7 amazing women, I have 3 young boys at home who don’t care what I do for work.
All they care about is that I’m there to support them & cheer them on when needed.

And to feed them….that’s probably their number one priority :joy:

So my last week consisted of this:

12 football runs, 2 parents nights, 1 outdoor activity meeting, 21 meals prepared (42 if you include the fussy toddler), 17 loads of washing, and a partridge in a pear tree!

All this is pretty much a normal week! All while working & trying to look like you’ve got it all together.

The crazy thing is…this IS a normal week for us but last week my body decided enough is enough.
I’ve suffered a full on blinding headache since Wednesday that I can’t shift.
Friends start to tell you that you’re doing too much but you think ‘this is a normal week for us’
Why do we constantly drain our batteries and energy but tell other people to take time out?!

I stand at our reception desk and tell people just this ‘look after yourself’ ‘slow down’

You wouldn’t let your phone run out of charge…would you?

So yesterday I took 2 hours out and went for a massage and a facial. Those 2 hours aren’t going to totally recharge me but it helped to take time to reflect on the crazy and realise that as a busy working mum it’s what I need.

Book that time out for yourself and make it a priority. For me having a salon treatment is just right to balance me again. For you it might be reading a book, listening to a podcast or going for a walk.

Mark it in your diary and treat it as an important appointment that you wouldn’t cancel.

I know I’ll be a better mum/wife/boss/friend for taking that time yesterday.

Love Nicola x

Ps the headache is still there but subsiding…maybe I need 2 more hours?