We need your Google reviews!

Every morning my husband brings me a cup of tea in bed to enjoy before the kids wake up & I slowly come to whilst catching up on emails, texts & the usual social media scroll.

So you can imagine my panic when my first email on Saturday morning stated that we had received a 2 star Google review!

Now it can happen I know, but it doesn’t happen often, so it’s an unusual feeling when you see the bold 2 stars at the heading of the email.

It’s like that feeling like you have jumped out of a plane… yeah, you know the one!

I sat bolt upright in bed, bracing myself for what’s to come within the email… then I opened it……

Maureen – Found menu very misleading and food very average – won’t be back. Very disappointed overall.

Sorry……. WHAT?!

I read it again then realised that it wasn’t for us.


Maureen had landed on the wrong Google page and reviewed us after her meal out instead of the restaurant she had visited!

I emailed the team to ask who’d been serving food when I wasn’t in and why was it not 5 star quality?

Because if we’re going to serve Spaghetti Bolognese… it will be 5 star, Spaghetti Bolognese! Haha!

There may be times when we don’t hit our 5 stars but we appreciate the comments that come with the stars.

These comments help us grow & develop as a team.

If you feel our service deserves 4 stars but know what we could do for you to give us 5 stars, please email these comments to me at nicola@enhance-beauty.co.uk

Feedback is gold to a business.

If Maureen hadn’t commented, I would have thought she was an unhappy customer.

Instead, her comment gave us a giggle & time to reflect on all the great reviews that we have (thank you if you’ve given us one).

Love Nicola x