IPL Hair Removal

Tired of unwanted hair? IPL is the most effective long-term solution to hair removal for men and women.

This revolutionary treatment involves light pulses that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by melanin (pigment) present in the hair. The heat produced by the light destroys the hair follicles, causing the hairs to fall out. Over a course of treatments, IPL can result in permanent hair reduction and in some cases complete hair removal.


  • Non-surgical and virtually pain-free
  • Safe for face and body treatment
  • Highly targeted hair removal in small areas
  • Outstanding results after just a few sessions
  • Suitable for most skin types
  •  Ingrown hairs reduced

What you need to know before and after treatment:

  • Shave the intended area of treatment up to 48 hours before treatment.
  •  In between sessions only shaving – no waxing, bleaching, threading, plucking or epilating.
  •  Remove any fake tan and let a natural tan fade.
  • Clearly state to your therapist if you are on any medication. Certain medicines can have contra-indications.
  • Wear an SPF 30+ (with zinc) post treatment. Any skin directly exposed to sunlight after the treatment can be damaged.

Please note: an essential patch test at the cost of £20 must be carried out prior to any treatment to determine IPL effectiveness and suitability for your skin. This cost is redeemable against the purchase of future IPL treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Intense Pulsed Light targets the colour pigment (melanin) in the hairs. Therefore white hairs can not be treated. Dark hairs on fair skin have the best and quickest results. Fair hairs will require extra treatments with lesser results.

Is it painful?
Some treatments have little or no sensation at all, but for other treatments, clients may feel a slight sting, similar to the flick of a rubber band against your skin.  Immediately after some treatments you may feel a mild heat for a few minutes, or a couple of hours, but after most treatments you will feel next to nothing at all.

How many treatments do I need to make it permanent?

A course of 9 to 12 treatments is usually required to treat hairs at all stages of the hair growth cycle, at 3 to 6 week intervals; which varies depending on hair type and colour, and the location being treated. Fair hairs will require extra treatments. White hairs can not be treated.

An in depth consultation is required before any IPL treatment.


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