Rehydrate your skin

Is your skin dehydrated?

Did you know your skin doesn’t have to be dry to be dehydrated? Oily and combination skin types also have this skin concern. In fact, sometimes your skin will try to produce more oil to combat this dehydration – causing your skin to look and feel more oily as well as leading to congestion and breakouts.

Our solution?

Dermalogica Calm Water Gel!

This thirst quenching saviour can be used on even oilier skin types as well as dry to combat moisture loss and fine dehydration lines.

What is it?

Calm Water Gel is a refreshing gel that turns into a lightweight, skin quenching fluid upon application. It works on different layers of the skin to increase and lock in moisture, as well as creating a barrier to prevent environmental damage. This moisturiser will instantly hydrate any dehydrated, dry or irritated skins.

How to Use:
Squeeze a small amount (roughly a pea size) into your palm and rub hands together to activate. Apply gently onto face and neck. This moisturiser can also be used in conjunction with your other prescribed moisturiser if you have a dryer skin type. Simply just mix the products together or apply Calm Water Gel prior to your other moisturiser.

FYI – This is definitely a holiday must have!

If you fancy a pamper night and enjoy applying a mask – Skin Hydrating Masque is for you! This refreshing, moisturising mask is the perfect remedy for dry, stressed or dehydrated skin. With ingredients that help to restore your skin’s natural barrier, your skin will be feeling smoother, more plump and fine dehydration lines will be minimised. This mask is also fantastic for refreshing and treating signs of fatigue and puffiness around the eye area.

How to Use Skin Hydrating Masque:

Apply a thin layer onto clean skin over the face and throat and leave on for 7-10 minutes (or overnight for an extra hydration boost!). Remove with water and apply prescribed moisturiser.

For more information book your free Skin Fitness appointment in the salon with one of our Dermalogica Skin Experts.

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